Scientific directions of the conference

  1. Development of technologies for seismic isolation systems and ensuring earthquake resistance of buildings and structures
  2. Innovation management in economic sectors (industry, construction, transport, electric power, agro-industrial complex)
  3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in sustainable development
  4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly production and transport
  5. Systems and technologies for remote sensing of the Earth
  6. Climate change, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity as a basis for sustainable development
  7. Legal and socio-economic aspects of sustainable development
  8. Labor market and migration policy in order to achieve sustainable development of cities and settlements
  9. Comprehensive study on the development of cities and settlements Problems and prospects for the development of housing and communal services
  10. Construction technologies and housing economy
  11. Digitalization, quality and sustainability in the education system

     Young and leading scientists, as well as representatives of government and industrial structures can take part in the conference-competition.

The International interuniversity scientific and practical conference of scientific reports of young scientists “Innovative technologies and advanced solutions” has been held since 2013. The results of the conferences and competitions were published in the scientific journals “Materials Science” and “Science and Innovative Technologies”.